Commercial litigation often involves multiple parties contesting highly technical facts concerning whether a party’s rights were violated and the even more challenging issue of arriving at an adequate remedy if liability is found. For the parties involved, this process can be daunting in that it is time-consuming and expensive. Often costly experts must be called upon to provide testimony as to the any violations of business practice and the damages due to the wronged party. Establishing the required evidentiary foundation for expert testimony often involves a lengthy, and costly process. Parties must prepare and analyze expert witness reports while simultaneously allowing the other party to present their witnesses in rebuttal and to examine the plaintiff’s experts through discovery. In some cases, commercial projects must be halted, while litigation is pending. The net result, litigants, suffer significant financial burden during pending litigation.

The importance of hiring an experienced commercial lawyer.

One way to minimize the risk arising from commercial litigation is to hire a lawyer experienced in how to effectively advance commercial litigation. An experienced commercial litigator can reduce the risk of losing a case, but can also help find ways to negotiating a settlement that not only reduces long-term legal costs but can also reduce business losses caused by disruptive litigation.

At the Radicic Law Firm, we provide a range of both technical and specialized legal services in a one-stop shop manner which can reduce and streamline the time and costs needed to address your commercial legal needs.